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This Muslim Man Came to Christ by Meeting Jesus in a Dream

When I heard the story, I knew I had to film it.

I was in Ft. Lauderdale to speak at the church of a good friend of mine, when I started talking to him about my new film I was planning on making called Holy Ghost. Part of it would entail me going into some of the major religions of the world and introducing people to the Holy Spirit to simply see what happens. I was stuck on my Muslim story, because truth be told, I didn’t want to do what I had lined up.

Months before this conversation with my friend, I had gotten a phone call from another man I had filmed once before, Majed el Shafie. He has a ministry that targets persecuted Christians around the world and works to get them out of danger and into a new life.

He called me one day out of the blue and launched into one of the stranger conversations I’ve ever had.

“Darren, I want you to come film with me. I have an idea.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Well, you know how radical Muslims are killing Christians in Pakistan?”

I inwardly flinched. I had an idea where this was going.


“I want to go to Pakistan, find the Muslims who are killing Christians, and sit down with them to have a cup of tea. I want to ask them why they are killing Christians.”

My gut clenched.

“Majed, that sounds like a horrible idea.”

“No sir, it will be great. And you can come with me and film it.”


“Just so you know, though, you must listen to everything I say. If you don’t, we’ll both die.”

This was literally the last thing I wanted to do, and I was pretty sure my wife would veto it before it got much further. She has learned to trust God over the years, and her reaction was that if God was behind it, I should do it.

Not what I wanted to hear.

For the next two months, I literally lost sleep over this. I didn’t want to go; felt no grace to go; and was just unsettled in general. Some of it may have been my own fear, but I had a suspicion this was a spiritual check as well. The only problem was I had no other Muslim option before me.

Then I sat in my friend’s car in Ft. Lauderdale and heard about Ali. As soon as I heard it, my spirit exploded inside me and I knew—I mean I KNEW—that this was the story I was supposed to film.

I traveled to the middle of nowhere Turkey to meet Ali and hear his story firsthand.

Years ago he was a hopeless alcoholic. His own family was afraid of him. He knew he had a problem, so he left his family to go to Saudi Arabia where he heard that alcohol was illegal.

Once he arrived, it took him only a few hours to find booze, and in the following months his alcoholism actually got worse.

His friends were concerned for his life, so they suggested he accompany them on hajj to Mecca, in the hopes that he would find some kind of inner peace or conviction. He agreed to go not out of religious duty, but desperation.

Little did he know that he was about to meet Jesus Christ in the heart of the Muslim world.

When you go on pilgrimage to Mecca, part of the process is to sleep near the Kabaa (which is the location of their holy of holies).

That night, Ali had a dream where Jesus appeared to him and told him (Ali) that he was saved, and that he (Jesus) was claiming him as his own. Jesus then reached out in the dream and touched Ali on his forehead and chest with his hand.

When Ali awoke, the voice of Jesus continued to speak to him, audibly, and he felt a mouth of sorts moving around his belly whenever the voice spoke to him. Jesus was literally inside of him! He asked his friends if they heard anything, but they just ridiculed him and told him his drinking had messed with his brain.

Ali went to take a shower that morning, and when he took off his shirt and looked in the mirror, he saw that he had a white patch on his black chest hair, exactly where Jesus had touched him in his dream! At that moment, Jesus spoke to him again and told him that he would see even greater things than this.

Ali got on his knees and told the Lord he would serve him for the rest of his life.

While stories like this sometimes seem like science fiction, they are indeed real. God is moving at an unprecedented way around the world through dreams and visions, and Muslims in many closed countries are coming to Christ by the thousands as a result of simply meeting Jesus in their dreams. The experience is so profound, many of them are giving up their families or even their lives as a result. Think about that. You have a dream, and it is so real, so impactful, that you would be willing to die for the man you dreamed about.

It just goes to show how amazing Jesus truly is, and why experiencing him is the key to saving the entire world.

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  • Jake

    This was one crazy story - my wife and I both loved this part of the movie. Crazy stuff what God can do to break through the noise and call people out (come follow me!). So I gotta know: what was the biggest hurdle filming around Mecca? Was it like filming in the dome in Jerusalem, where God just opened the doors?

  • ilikesoup

    So great. The mouth talking around his tummy tickled me. God has a great sense of humor. ^__^

  • Zerilda Fenison Evans

    What a blessing! Praise God for this ministry! Which movie is this testimony on? I would love to see it?

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