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This Was the Greatest Event I Have Witnessed…Ever

I was filming my third feature film, the documentary Father of Lights, and I knew I was heading into the final shoot which was going to take place in Israel. I also knew that I didn’t have an ending yet.

I was making a movie about the character and nature of God (I know, I know, a small subject…) and I had already filmed God doing extraordinary things through a wide variety of people. But I wanted this ending to be something amazing. I wanted to film something that no one would ever say I “faked” or “set up”.

I wanted to film something that was truly impossible.

Two days before I left for Israel I sat in my studio, which at that time was in Chicago, and prayed. It was a simple prayer, but one filled with belief and anticipation.

“God, for the end of this film, would you please allow me to film something impossible in Israel? Something no one can ever deny. You know I don’t want this to sell more movies or to be more famous. I just want the world to see you in all of your glory and goodness.”

The shoot in Israel was 5 days long, and for the first 3 days we filmed some really cool stuff, but nothing that screamed: “this is your ending!”

We then headed down to Jerusalem for the final two days, and at this point I was beginning to sweat.

God, are you going to do anything?

Our final night before we left for Jerusalem, I learned about the Dome of the Rock. Widely considered the 2nd holiest site in Islam, it was also the location of the original Jewish Tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, was where Abraham almost sacrificed his son, Isaac, and on and on the history went.

This was obviously a prime piece of real estate. But I also learned that it was pretty much impossible for a non-Muslim to get inside (let alone a Christian filmmaker with cameras in tow).

This “impossibility” became my focus. It was the only thing I had encountered that was impossible, and that’s what I had asked God to do.
So why not go for it?

We arrived in Jerusalem, mic’d up my friend, evangelist Todd White, and away we went towards the Muslim quarter of the old city. At the Damascus gate, we encountered a man wearing a yellow shirt who was limping. Todd prayed for him, the man’s legs and back were healed, and obviously he was very, very happy about it. He then went his merry way.

We entered the old city and began praying for people, all of them Muslim. People were being healed of sickness and pain left and right, and for over an hour we stood in the middle of the cobblestone streets praying for people.

Then a man approached us and asked us to follow him.

Why not? We’re in it pretty deep at this point anyway.

He took us to his home where his father-in-law was very sick. Todd prayed for him, and the man felt a little better. I then asked if our new friend knew any way to get into the Dome of the Rock?

“It’s impossible,” he said.

“Yeah, that’s what everyone keeps telling me. But seriously, how can I get in?”

Then he looked at me for a moment and said, “I tell you what. You just blessed me, now I want to bless you. My best friend knows everyone who works at the Dome. If there is anyone in this city who might be able to get you in, it’s this guy. Would you like to meet him?”

“Yes please!”

So away we went.

I followed this man through winding streets for 15 minutes, until we came to a courtyard and he called out to his friend. His friend then appeared, and in that instant I knew not only that God answers prayers, but that He is also the God of the impossible.

His friend was the man in the yellow shirt.

The next day, we walked into the Dome, cameras in tow, with the full blessing of the head of security over the Dome of the Rock. We filmed inside, and even proclaimed Jesus as Lord of all in the holy of holies there. It was, and perhaps will always be, one of the greatest events I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

And it all began with a simple prayer to an invisible God, and it was what I count as the true beginning of my friendship with God. It was the first time I had more faith than doubt in what I was asking for, and where I truly trusted Him to come through. That I lived the vast majority of my life thinking that God was somehow impotent and uninvolved is one of the greatest regrets I have. So I guess I’ve got to make up for lost time…

This Story is From:

Father of Lights. You can watch this story as it unfolded because we captured it on film. See this and more stories in the full movie available now.


  • Mindy Milinkovich

    I just watched Father of Lights on Hulu a few days ago. I have seen your other films and never cease to be amazed by the goodness of our Father. I am encouraged by the simplicity of His touch, yet at the same time in awe of the immensity of the effects on all who receive His touch. It truly is as the Word says, "it is not by might nor by power but by My Spirit, says the Lord". May you continue on this journey He has set your feet to and may all you touch prosper and succeed!

  • jr

    Sorry but I think you are misguided. It is not impossible to film inside the dome of the Rock. It is difficult but not impossible. Other documentaries have done it. Filming something impossible would be a leg growing back and not that old leg straightening trick Todd does. Have you ever seen something like this? I read your article about 'God sending you a dog' only to loose it. So you really think God would be giving prophetic words about pets when christians are being raped by IS, or crying out to God for guiedence? You wanted a dog and irresponsibly let it escape. I had the same breed and never let it go on 'joy rides' as it didn't have the intelligence to find its way back. You lost your dog... God didn't take it away. Re read your articles and insert the word 'Allah' where you write God and ask yourself, if you were reading this story about a muslim and Allah giving and taking away his dog would you be convinced or put it down to his imagination?

    • MJ

      If you would pause and read what Darren actually wrote, HE never said it was impossible to film inside the Dome of the Rock, OTHER people kept telling him it was impossible. In how he describes it, he thought it would be very difficult - again, based on what other people were telling him - but not impossible. I see the 'impossible', or for sake of discussion, very much "against the odds" in this story, in that they met two complete strangers at different times - in a village of thousands - ministered to each of them and then discovered they were best friends. And that friend helped them do what others said was impossible. Also, in the film the guy with the yellow shirt seemed surprised once they got out and said (something to the effect of), "I don't know what compelled me to help you"..."God helped us get in today". It is hard - and sometimes embarrassing - to see "believers" want to continually berate and tear each other down for differences in doctrinal belief or their experiences. The 'world' sees us do this all the time and thinks we are all crazy anyway, and by doing that, it could definitely solidify their opinion of what it means to be a follower of Christ. And possibly reject the greatest gift ever. I understand that many people do not believe that God can and does heal people. I also know that some misrepresent healing and/or miracles, but that does not change that Jesus told us we would do what He did and even greater. People can be under a false teaching or have made assumptions based on experience and not based on God's word (I know I have). Let us remember that unity - not uniformity - is our ultimate goal to demonstrate how amazing God is to the world.

      • jr

        In your reply you assume I am a believer. What i find embarrassing is how gullible christians are to fall for people like Todd and Darren and their claims. Look up darren Brown miracles for sale on youtube and you will see Todd White's leg lengthening trick exposed. I can even do my own version using physio techniques. Lots of people have a slight length difference which can appear to be altered through slight stretching or manipulation. Todd always touches. If he didn't touch I might believe him. Does god need Todd's hands?? Todd has tried and failed to heal amputees. Youtube that. That would be impossible. If God can grow a slightly shorter leg he could grow a whole leg. Never happens. Why not? Nothing in this post is impossible: 1. While 'healing' muslims for an hour.. an hour he met 2 in the same area who knew each other. As far as we know they all knew each other - it is called a mosque and they all go there! 2. He got into the dome of the Rock. As for Jesus saying we would do even greater things than he did... He suposidly raised the dead (lazarus). Has anyone ever done better than that? He suposidly fed 5000 from 5 loves. .. has anyone ever done better than that? By comparison Todd is lame not better. I don't mean to hate but I feel Darren needs a cold hard dose of reality for his own good. I know I did. I love the photos he takes though and think he is very talented.

        • MJ

          Hey jr, I do admit I thought you were a believer because I have seen responses (on different discussions/YouTube comments, etc.) from people who say they are a christian but do everything from question a statement to saying they are complete morons and going to hell simply because they have a different experience or teaching. I do not think you were trying to 'hate', but when you stated "I know I did" (regarding a dose of reality) makes me wonder if you have had a bad run-in (or many) with people who identify as a christian, been lied to and see them as hypocrites or possibly think it's all crap. And just so you know, I'm NOT trying to get into a debate about that....a discussion board is probably the worst place to do that because we know nothing about each other and have no relationship at all. However, the fact that you know some of the stories in the Bible leads me to believe you may have some experience with believers. And, when you stated, "Has anyone done better that that?" a couple times, almost sounds like you really WANT to see those things happen. As for your other comments, it seems as though you haven't seen this film because you assumed both the men he met were Muslim. (But maybe you were just joking and I took the bait!) The first man was a Muslim but the second man was a Christian; so they probably don't go to mosque together but were still friends. I see that as 'more impossible' than getting into the Dome but am not going to take the time to write an analogy about that. Regardless of your position on any of it, I hope you have an awesome life.

      • Jack Fairservice

        I once had ten people hold ten other's legs (which were all complaining about back pain) as I spoke the prayer of healing in Jesus name and everyone of those short legs grew out and backs were healed. I have also seen these miracle praying over the phone with others. Todd was not holding the legs for his own benefit but so that the person being healed could see for himself that God has doing the work. Joan Hunter documented an amputee getting a new leg (in Haiti) as well as breasts being restored to women. Reinhard Bonnke documented a man that had been embalmed coming back to life. God is never limited. If God can grow a leg out, He can grow a leg back. The real question is if we can grasp the fact that nothing is impossible with God.

        • jr

          Why is short leg syndrome such an epidemic? All these healers find people with short legs. Why? Because no one has legs exactly the same. And legs appear different sizes due to muscle tightness, hip alignment etc. To diagnose a real bone size discrepancy you need an x ray. As to the resurrection and amputee getting a new limb you mention I am interested and will look into those. But when you say they have documented these things, I assume you mean a healer has claimed in a book or on website that they happened. Probably no before and after photos?

          • Jack Fairservice

            It is really not a matter of a short leg (normally). It is an issue in the vertebra in the lower back. Sometimes in the hip. As the back comes into alignment, the legs move and "appear" to grow out. I never normally look for a short leg but I do ask the person if they have any discomfort in their lower back. If they do, I look for a short leg as an indication of a back problem. If I have someone with me that is interested, I have them put their hand on the lower back as I am praying over the legs (as Todd did in the video). as the leg grows, the bones in the back come into alignment and the person holding their hand over the person's back can feel the bones moving. Sometimes I have seen the short leg grow shorter for awhile then grow out to match the other one. God (actually doing the healing), knows whats needed. It is the prayer of faith that activates it. It is my notion that this works so well because you are speaking directly to the problem (in Jesus name) and the person you are praying for begins to see their own legs moving and feels their pain in their back being relieved so the whole process increases the faith of everyone present.

          • Jack Fairservice

            Two weeks ago, a person I knew asked if I could assist in praying for someone with a migraine headache. He prayed the "typical" prayer. Nothing happened. Not wanting to make him feel bad, I asked if he would mind if we asked my wife to pray for the woman. My wife put her hands on the woman neck and prayed that the bones in her neck come into alignment. Her head began to rotate back and forth (not by my wife's control nor by the control of the woman but by the control of the Holy Spirit). Afterward, the woman's migraine was gone. Also the nausea that she was experiencing and the nausea (that she had not mentioned) were gone as well. The woman was due to teach children and knew she would not be able to do it in the condition she was in. She praised God for her healing. Here again, it has been my experience that a prayer directed to the specific issue is generally more effective.

          • jr

            Genuinely interested. If I choose to have faith it will work can I do it myself (if I direct the prayer at the problem as you say) or do I need a registered healer/minister of the gospel? I am based in the UK

          • Jack Fairservice

            You can do it yourself. Joan Hunter has many videos and books on the subject. We were in Dublin 4 years ago and prayed for many at the Victory Center. Read the prayer I posted. There are different ways to pray for different issues. Check out Joan's books. That is how I got started. After reading those books, I opened a healing school in my home and taught many how to heal the sick.

          • jr

            Dear God please heal my back. I don't see why you would need teachers to teach you that. What you say sounds more like magic to me... say the right words ... Learn the right techniques. I cant help thinking that faith healers are either genuine but misguided or con men like Benny Hinn. But I will look to attend churches that do this and try and keep an open mind. Who knows I might be wrong!

          • SlowBro

            I don't suppose one of you who have the gift of healing could pray for my chronic fatigue? :-)

          • Jack Fairservice

            SlowBro - I ask the Lord to bless you and allow you to experience the full Glory of God. I command the air passages in your throat to open in Jesus name and allow air to flow smoothly and easily through all the air passages. I command the lungs to open in Jesus name. I curse chronic fatigue in Jesus name and command it to leave your body right now in Jesus name. I speak new strength to every cell in your body. New strength to muscles. I speak a balance to all of the chemical, electrical and magnetic forces in your body to come into proper operation in Jesus name. I pray that as you sleep, you will sleep soundly in Jesus name.

          • SlowBro

            I recently started a business and just before that was anointed with oil at church. Since this I've perked up a lot. I'm hoping the fatigue is far behind now. Thanks much for praying :-) How can I pray for you?

          • Jack Fairservice

            Asking for he Lord's blessings is always a good thing. The Lord knows our needs. Oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Sounds like you had a Holy Ghost encounter.... that is wonderful!

          • Jack Fairservice

            Jesus gave us the authority. Luke 9:1 "And He called the twelve together, and gave them power and authority over all the demons and to heal diseases." He never begged the Father for healing, He commanded, He spoke with authority and a knowing that what we spoke would come to pass. He spoke to the fig tree and it died from the roots. Mk 11:20 "As they were passing by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots up". I am a son of the most High God. Jesus gave me authority, as a believer over demons and over disease. I speak with the authority that Jesus gave me. Anything less from me is a lack of faith in the One who gave me that authority. I am not a public figure as Benny Hinn, Joan Hunter are Todd is this video but all of these people are putting themselves out there trying to promote the Kingdom of God. When someone puts themselves in the public eye, they open themselves for criticism. I do encourage you read some of the materials that I have pointed out and maintain an open mind. JR - You said that your back was better. If you believe that to be true, praising the one that did it for you (Its the works of the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus) is the best way to keep your healing. I once had bad bursitis in my knee. Some friends of mine prayed for me and almost immediately, the swelling went down. As I got in my car to go home, I began to think "I wonder how long this healing will last" and before I got home the swelling had come back. Several months later, my friends prayed over my knee again. This time, I saw a angel's hand come down carrying what appeared to be a large potato chip shaped "thing". The hand placed this over my knee and the object disappeared. I knew that was a new bursa for me knee. The problem was that the swelling went down. It did not matter, I had a knowing about my healing. At another gathering of friends, I gave a testimony of my healing. People questioned me, since the swelling was still there. I didn't care what I could see with my eyes. I had a knowing that would not be shaken. Before the night was over the swelling had gone down. It had been there for a long time and it seems as if the swelling would not go away until my faith was unshakable. I am telling you this story to say that I lacked faith in the above example. I am not even proud of this story. The swelling should have gone away when I first prayed for it. I recall one day I pondered how the Apostle Paul could have been bitten by a poisonous snake and the local people were sure he was going to die. He was on a remote island with no way to get medical help, yet his faith did not waiver. I wondered what it would be like to be like Paul. That same day as I was walking in my back yard, a copperhead snake was in front of me, coiled to strike. I went in the garage and got a hoe and cut its head off and threw it in the woods. The next day, I was looking at the back of my leg and saw where that snake had bitten me (before I had actually seen it). Friends of mine confirmed that the marks were from a snake bite. They asked if I was going to go to the hospital. I declined. I knew that it was an answer to a question that I had asked the Lord for a few days before. JR - It does not require any faith for you to receive healing. It requires much faith for me to put my name out here and boldly speak healing over you and expect you to be healed in Jesus name. All you need to do is accept it in Jesus name. Praise His name even before you see the manifestation of the healing is a great way to help the process. It is not in my name your are healed... It is in the name of Jesus that this happens. There is no magic in Jesus name. I ask the Lord to Bless you as you pursue Him.

          • jr

            My back has been better this week anyway as it comes and goes. From the prayer there was no change in fact it was worse today. It didn't work. Legs are still different length too. No doubt my lack of faith will be blamed as the cause. This is the modus operandi of the faith healer - make the victim feel guilty. I am a skeptic so can live with it.My heart goes out to those who believe they will be healed but aren't. They go away uncured and on top of that feeling condemned. But perhaps god doesn't want them cured for a greater purpose? Paul had a thorn in his flesh that was not taken away. Telling christians it is their fault they aren't healed is un biblical and abusive. If you believe christians will always be cured why are there old christians with aches and pains who eventually die? Because we live in a fallen world according to the bible. Christians get sick and die. Their hope is perfection in the next life not this one.The Bible presents a complex god who has plans we can't always understand. You present a divine doctor who only helps those who help themselves by having enough faith.

          • Jack Fairservice

            JR - If there is anything that I would like you to understand that it is more my faith or lack of faith that is important. Jesus healed many people that lacked faith. I do not for an instant even think that you were not healed because you lack faith. I am sorry if I lead you to think that. If anything, I could blame myself for your lack of healing, however that would imply that I would be responsible for your healing if you had been healed. In truth, I had compassion on you, felt strongly to pray for you in this forum and feel that I heeded the will of the Holy Spirit in doing so. That is all. The healing or lack healing comes from the Lord. I prayed in faith for your healing. Miracles happen immediately but healing generally is a process that happens over time. I agree with Tacey S (above) completely, continue to seek Jesus as the relationship is the most important thing. God loves you JR and desires for your back to be healed. Keep seeking Him and I expect that you will experience everything you seek.

          • jr

            Which country are you based in? Do you hold services where people like me could experience this healing? (I have the back problems you mention). Or is it possible to do it yourself at home?

          • Jack Fairservice

            Better yet... I'll pray for you right here right now. First check you legs. Which one is short? How much.... Do this before you read any more. Lord, I ask you to bless Jr in Jesus name. I pray he would see your Glory. I command the muscles, tendons and ligaments in his lower back to relax and loosen in Jesus name. I command every bone in JR's back to unlock and come into perfect alignment in Jesus name. I curse any form of arthritis in his back and in his body in Jesus name. All arthritis must leave the body in Jesus name. I command every bit of inflammation in his back to go in Jesus name. I command the disks in the back to have the proper inflation in Jesus name. I speak to any damaged areas to be restored in Jesus name. I thank you Jesus for your mercy and grace. Jesus you are so awesome. JR - Look at your legs now. They should be very close to being even and the pain should be gone in Jesus name. I am in the US (PA and VA)

          • jr

            Thanks for your time. The left leg was only marginally shorter, less than half an inch and it still is acording to wife. But your prayer covered the real problem - disk inflammation which realistically could be cured without legs changing so not ruling out that something happened. Today things were ok anyway but I can still feel slight twinge. But how things are over a 48 hour period / lifting things will be the true test so will let you know.

          • Jack Fairservice

            Your back muscles may be weak. Go easy on your back. If the pain returns, just say the prayer as often as needed. Don't look for the problem to return. It is hard to get your mind around the fact that God is still in the healing business. I curse whatever is holding that leg back in Jesus name and command the legs to come into symmetry in Jesus name. The legs and back will come into obedience of the Holy Spirit right now in Jesus name. JR - You may need to repent for questioning the Holy Spirit in this matter. This is what I am hearing. I don't mean to be mean or rude but I do want to hear that you are completely healed in Jesus name.

          • Jack Fairservice

            Amputee - Joan Hunter wrote a book about her trip to Haiti. The book was actually a collection of individual's experiences as they went there after the earthquake, They visited a hospital and prayed for a man missing a leg. They did not have time to dwell on him but went on to pray for others. When they made their way back towards the entrance of the hospital, they noticed the same guy being discharged having two full length legs. If you visit her web site, you should be able to see the book I am talking about. I sometimes go out of the country with Joan to pray for the sick but I was not on that particular trip. I have been to Ireland, Israel, India and Switzerland with her. Saw countless miracles on each trip.

  • Greg Simms

    I just watched Father of Lights over the weekend with a friend from my church who hadn't seen it, it was about my 6th time seeing it. At the end we were on our knees begging God for more of Him in our lives, it was such a beautiful moment as Holy Spirit came in to the room and met us, touched our hearts, commissioned us once again to represent His heart...and go! Darren, your films are touching more lives than you can possibly imagine. - Greg Simms

  • Nancy Green

    Dennis, when I watched this moment on film, I wept. And then you went and did it again in India - entered the high temple of another god with the blessing of his followers and proclaimed Jesus is Lord. You inspire me more with each film. I have shared them with many of my friends. I will continue to do so. THANK YOU!

  • Tracy S

    Darren - Thank you for all you do - Yeah - there will be the doubters - they will always be with us.... but when we can encourage one another and ask for God's empowering love to make a difference, God is faithful. I pray for jr - a Damascus Road encounter - in Jesus Name... the healing is nice - but the relationship is even better - this is what jr doesn't understand - you can film what God does - and He does amazing things - but honestly it's the relationship that Todd and Darren and Bill and Joan and Reinhart have that makes a difference. It's the yielding of 'self' to His will that brings His kingdom come. How do you know it's "His' will? Well, that comes with building your history with Jesus. You will make mistakes along the way. But developing the trust in God makes all the difference. Hey jr! You are the apple of God's eye! Keep searching for Him - He loves you!

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