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Hey everyone, I know it’s been a good long while since I sat down and did an honest-to-goodness blog post, but I’m making a commitment to at the very least keep you guys updated with what’s happening and how we’re progressing on our many exciting projects. So consider this the first of many more to come on a regular, weekly-to-bi-weekly basis.

Furious Love Event DVDs
Our sincerest apologies for those of you who pre-ordered these at the Event back in April. We knew it was going to be tight getting these things out quickly, but we had no idea exactly how much work they would be! 11 DVDs, over 22 hours of content, and lots of things to fix already means a lot of time and energy, but when you add to that our insanely busy summer schedule of traveling to finish filming our Shamrock movie and Father of Lights, well, hopefully you can see why it’s taken us so long. But we’re working very hard to get them out so you all can enjoy the wonderful content. Right now, we’re looking at an October release, but again, I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to a firm date.

The Greatest Fight
This is our film with UFC great Ken Shamrock. We’re currently awaiting clearance to use all the UFC/WWF footage we want to use within the doc, and once we get that I can finish my rough cut and Braden and Matt can go nuts making it look and sound absolutely amazing. We like to think that we’re a company that is known for pushing the limits of Christian media, and this film is certainly going to do just that. I’m hoping for it to be finished by the end of the year, for an early 2012 release. Look for a trailer coming within the next month or so!

Anointed Fighters
Our first cartoon! We’re super close to finally getting the animation that we will then take into post-production and create music to, as well as some other fun stuff. There’s truly NOTHING like this out there right now, and if you’ve been waiting for a cool cartoon with a kingdom mindset for your kids, look no further! We’re getting stoked about revealing this one.

UPDATE: The cartoon is now available on DVD!

Father of Lights
The big one. By far our number one question these days is, “When will Father of Lights be released?” Unfortunately, we can’t pinpoint a date yet simply because we don’t yet know how it will be released. Columbia Pictures is interested in seeing if it, and there are a few other options we’ll be looking into for a theatrical release for this bad boy, but again, the bigger the release, the later in 2012 it will come out. We’re hoping to have that film finished by early 2012, and after that we’ll be showing it to the powers-that-be, and then we’ll have a clearer view of a release date. I know for sure that I’ll be taking it on the road on probably a 15 city tour where we’ll be showing it in VERY large venues, so keep an eye out for that next year. Again, we’ll work to keep you up to speed on everything that happens. We’ll also probably be asking for your help at some point!

So that’s how things are progressing. Braden and I will be heading to Israel next week for the final filming of Father of Lights, so please keep us in your prayer from Sept. 1-7. We want to end this trilogy with a bang!

More to come soon…


  • Ian Yoon

    Thanks so much. The Greatest Fight is getting my attention everytime you mention it, and now I'm really interested. Father of Lights, however, is by far the most anticipated of all. Thank you for wonderful work.

  • Rodrigo

    Good morning to all in Christ! I wonder if there is a plan to have love in Portuguese Furious? We are looking forward to this DVD in Portuguese. Regards to all. Vitória-Espirito Santo Brasil

    • Darren Wilson

      Rodrigo, If you purchase the digital download of Finger of God or Furious Love from our site, they both include Portuguese subtitles. We have also just received the dubbed audio for both these films in Portuguese which we will be adding to the next version of the DVDs and digital downloads. Subscribe to our monthly updates to be notified of when this happens! Thanks!

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