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What Happens When Prayer Invades The U.S. Military?

I’ve never felt like less of a man.

For people who know me well, there is a kind of standing joke that if something involves extremes, I’m probably not going to be involved. So when I found myself filming with some of the most extreme men in the world, I knew it was probably going to be an uncomfortable few days for me.

I was filming with a ministry called Operation Restored Warrior (ORW), and their primary focus is in healing PTSD and other emotional issues in both active and inactive military personnel.

The entire process takes 3 days, and they have a 100% success rate. ORW is committed to completely eliminating the suicide rate that is ravaging the American Armed Forces, and the last few years they have been doing just that one soldier at a time.

I had traveled to Colorado to be a part of one of their operations, and my crew and I hung out and filmed with a handful of military studs and civilians who had all come here to have a broken piece of their heart healed.

A 5-star chef was on hand to prepare the meals, and there was a lot of laughter, military one-upmanship, and, yes, a little bawdy humor. These were men who had lived hard lives, had driven their bodies and minds to the edge of human endurance, and had seen things that would weaken most people to sobbing hysterics. When the conversation turned to the Navy SEALS present talking about their experience during B.U.D.S. (the training they had to undergo to become a SEAL), I just stared at them with wide eyed wonder.

These guys were the definition of tough.

There are many names for what ORW does in their intensives—some would call it inner healing—but however you want to define it, the whole process is a wonder to behold.

Just being allowed to film it happening was the ultimate honor. The first couple of days are spent teaching the men the Biblical idea of what it is to be a man, and slowly churning up their spirit to finally be ready for the moment, on day 3, when the team prays for each man individually. But this isn’t prayer like most people have experienced it.

The basic idea is simple.

The ORW team gathers around the soldier and simply asks God to show them the primary point of pain in this man’s life. Soon somebody gets a picture or an impression, and they simply tell the soldier what they are seeing.

Typically it is a memory that has been hidden and/or closely guarded by the man, and could be anything from loss, to abuse, to…who knows? The point is that Jesus knows, and he shows it to 3 or 4 other men who want only to bring healing to this soldier.

What ensues is mesmerizing.

4 or 5 men share a memory, in a sense, that is being shown to them by the Holy Spirit, and Jesus himself enters the core memory and meets the soldier in the point of their life that has caused the most damage to them.

Jesus then, quite literally, heals the man of his pain.

I found it interesting that even though these men were without question the roughest, toughest men I had ever met, when it came time to allow others the possibility to see into their inner core, almost all of them flinched and said no way would they allow it to be filmed.

Honestly, I couldn’t blame them. When you strip away the facade and the bluster and the carefully cultivated persona we all create, you are left with yourself naked and bare, and this is not a state anyone wants others to see them in. It’s why we create those personas in the first place!

But one man, a Navy SEAL named Shannon, proved to be one of the bravest men I’ve ever met when he said yes, you guys can film me doing this. He was terrified, but his reasoning was that if it helped someone somewhere, then it would be worth it.

What followed was one of the most emotional things I’ve ever filmed, and a true testament to the inner strength of our military. The ORW guys were shown the memory, and Shannon met Jesus there.

I watched a Navy SEAL reduced to a little boy full of fear and sadness and pain. And I watched Jesus do what he promised for all of us.

And in that moment, I no longer felt like less of a man. There were no more ranks or titles or awards or honors separating us. It was just a bunch of children in the presence of their Father, and for the briefest of moments, we were all united as one.

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  • Timothy Matula

    Wow! Very moving, felt it deep in my inner man. I wept with a passion while reading your testimony. The very heart of God was revealed in your writing. I've thought about this before, but never did anything to further it. I have been to the VA and prayed and seen God physically heal vets and and a nurse, too. I've found that if we go to non profits we are welcomed with open arms, but try it at a for profit and you start cutting into their income. You are very quickly asked to leave which breaks my heart. Awesome to know their is a group out there tackling this and bringing freedom to the soul. Keep doing what you are doing, going from glory to glory. You bring viewers and readers along for the ride all the while showing the goodness and love of the Father through Jesus and Holy Spirit. My peace upon you. Love you, bro!

  • AS

    Thank you for showing the world what is possible. I too was healed from much symptoms of PTSD [because of trauma] through inner healing years ago (thanks to John and Paula Sanford's teachings to our bible school). The medical system needs to see that this IS truth, that inner healing truly does happen.

  • Sally

    Wow, Darren! This is Revival if I've ever seen/heard of it happening before. Praise our JESUS!!!!

  • Gabriela Banks

    Darren, what a beautiful post. Can you remind me where I saw the video of the Navy Seal being healed from PTSD? I'd like to watch it again. Thanks!

  • Juliette Rey

    I recall seeing this segment in Holy Ghost Reborn. It was extremely moving. The entire film was. reading the story again just opened my heart to those soldiers who have been going through the program. Incredible: 100% cure rate. Wow! I'm blown away. Thank you Jesus for helping them! And thank you Darren for the witness through film and now this written testimony. I watch your films over and over again. When I'm dry I get refreshed. Thank you.

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