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Where will I be for the premiere?

In a few days we should be posting a Google map showing where all of the showings of Furious Love will be taking place in February. And don’t worry, we’ll keep adding to that as churches continue to sign up.

But I also realized that there may be a few people who are wondering where I’ll be when this movie hits churches all over the world. Well, let me tell you…

First of all, the premiere of Furious Love (meaning the very first time it will be shown publicly) will be taking place at Bethel Church, in Redding, California, on Feb. 7. I’ll be there and it should be one heck of a party!

As for the 14th, when the rest of the world sits down to watch it, I’ll actually be at two showings, both of which are in the Chicago area.

The first will be at a really cool theater called the Arcada Theater, in St. Charles, Illinois. You can check out the event and pre-order your tickets at www.gotlifechurch.com. My entire crew and I will be at the show before the curtain goes up, and I think we’ll be answering questions and saying hello to everyone.

We’ll then head over to the Paramount Theater, in Aurora, Illinois. We’ll be there after the film ends, and will probably be doing the Q & A thing as well. You can order your tickets for that one by calling 630-585-0077. I’m not sure when the start times are for these, but I’m guessing the Arcada show will start around 6 pm, and the Paramount will start around 8 pm.

These are two very cool theaters, and we’d like to pack them out if possible.If you want to see Furious Love on a big screen the way it was designed to be seen, either of these would be a great way to go!

Hopefully I’ll see you there!


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